JSON Rocks!

Wow! I can’t tell you how excited about the ability to integrate JSON on with the outfit development environment. I’ll say has been a fabulous job of creating a platform for JSON on with and ask basic in order to make it super easy for you to integrate JSON into your out applications.

If you’re not familiar with JSON on, you need to be it is an incredibly powerful pool that is available to programmers. Just a little history from my perspective is that XML was supposed to be the standard data interchange. It obviously doesn’t great job at that, but is overly complex for most purposes. Often with XML I found my head swimming because of the complexities. JSON is a much simpler implementation for transferring data between applications and other systems. It has the following advantages:
1) Human Readable
2) Simple Structure
3) Wide industry adoption.
4) Powerful Xbasic components in Alpha to generate and consume JSON.

There are not a lot of secrets involved in manipulating and handling JSON. JSON is a critical part of any web developers tool kit. And, as the industry moves towards more JSON, it will open up huge opportunities to create bigger and better web systems.

Back to Alpha and JSON. The Alpha development tame has taken the time to generate some very critical tools within the Alpha platform to support JSON. These tools allow you to quickly consume JSON data feeds and take your internal data and present it to the outside world as a JSON data feed. These tools make it childs play to generate, consume and manipulate JSON data. And, when you are in the debugging phase, having the data in a JSON format makes it quick and easy to find and resolve issues. I found it super easy to understand and with the powerful additions to the development environment, I was able to leverage JSON within my applications in a very short period of time.

Now that I’ve discovered and started to utilize the combination of the Alpha development system along with JSON, I am thrilled that what I’m going to be able to do. It really is a combination allows me to solve a lot of tricky little issues in a very short period of time. I am utilizing it both within my systems and in connecting it to external systems. Take the time to learn about JSON and how it’s leveraged within the Alpha development platform. You will be paid back handsomely with amazing productivity gains.

NOTE: Will put an example on the BLOG soon!

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