Dan Bricklin AlphaRef Reader Migration Services Now Available

Dan Bricklin’s AlphaRef Reader (See Demo Here) is an amazing application that was completely developed using Alpha Anywhere and is available for the IOS platform at the Apple App Store. The application comes with the King James version of the Bible. This is a great example of how a large set of text can be easily managed within this amazing tool.

There is been a lot of requests for people to see how they can load their own content into the AlphaRef Reader and be able to create their own documentation solutions. Up to now, there hasn’t been an easy way to do that. But Alpha Software has just announced new services that are available to individuals and companies that would like to migrate their content to the AlphaRef Reader. With this service, you will be able to combine your unique content with the powerful search and display capabilities of the AlphaRef Reader on mobile platforms.

To find out more, contact Alpha Software or call  +1 (781) 229-4500 x1.

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