Dan Bricklin “Low Code” Video

This is a great video by Dan Bricklin that discusses the benefits of “Low Code” development platforms. Blog Post: http://alphasoftware.net/dan-bricklin-cto-at-alpha-software-explains-how-alpha-anywheres-low-code-model-can-produce-enterprise-level-mobile-apps-fast/ Video: [av_video src=’http://youtu.be/CVudSJ452f0′ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-aqkaf’]

Mobile Myth Crushers – Second Post

My second post for Alpha Software regarding Mobile Myth Crushers is now live!  Check it out here… http://alphasoftware.net/myths-mobile-application-development-software/ Here is the text from the post… In my last blog post, I crushed two of the most common myths about mobile development. Now I’m back to crush three more — and to show you the tools that […]

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