Alpha Anywhere’s New Universal Installer

If we’re talking about software, Alpha Anywhere is always leading on innovation. They are leaders of the creation, design, and development of any informatic system you use, offering their users the quickest solutions when creating mobile or desktop apps. It’s even possible to create them without developing a single matrix code.

That’s why the new Alpha Anywhere universal installer is here. This app is used to independently install products, at the same time update them in just one click.

This software version includes the following features to improve the user’s experience:

– Unique installer for all Alpha Anywhere products: You can find a difference between the old and the new version, in which you had to download an independent installer for every product you wanted to update or keep on your computer. Now you can access all of them on the same platform, with no need to download anything else.

One of its many benefits includes that you can install easily any of the products. These products include Runtime Environment, Application Server, Developer Edition, and Application Server for IIS.

– You can install multiple versions, in only one system: Besides, our new Universal Installer offers the possibility to pick between a wide variety of versions to update or downgrade, which include the Nightly Releases, Stable, and Preview, or any other product.

– Allows you to install older versions quickly and easily. All you have to do is download the new Alpha Anywhere Universal Installer. Once you have done this, the next and last step is to download the new products in just one click. This way, its functions, and features will be saved in just one place. You will not need to download additional apps, you will find everything in the new version.

– Integrated app launcher, that allows launching the correctly installed product.

As passionate about the alpha anywhere platform, for us is very important that you efficiently accomplish your goals. That is why we introduce you, a new platform in which you can launch your apps without having any problems in the process. This system allows you to avoid the tedious profile provisioning process and the approval request for the app store.

This platform offers the following functions: you can download, manage, and use the apps produced and developed. It’s important to mention that the apps that you develop in this system are created with HTML5 technology, and you can access all the features that Cordova/PhoneGap offers you.

In Giant Killer Robot we dedicate every day to offer you the best consulting services. We want you to feel comfortable when using these products, besides having a wide range of tools to help you solve your problems immediately.

Download and install the new Alpha Anywhere Universal Installer and start making your life easier. You will have everything you need a click away. Enjoy its features in a quicker and better way.

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